Man reveals very clever item his wife takes on holiday – and people love it | The Sun

A MAN revealed some of the clever things his wife takes on holiday – and people have praised one of them as being "genius".

TikTok user Thomas Clifford revealed the clever hacks on his social media account.

The video was captioned: "I hate to admit it, but she’s on to something.

"Things my wife takes on holiday which just make sense."

The very first thing he revealed was a "pop up washing basket" as it packs flat but then keeps the dirty washing separate from the clean clothes.

More than 35,000 people have liked the video, with many people calling it "genius.

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One person said: "The washing basket idea is genius and I’m gonna do it!

Another person agreed: "Right I’m defo buying a pop up washing basket for my next hol!!!"

A third said: "Love the washing basket idea.

"Ask your wife to set up her own social media page and share her amazing ideas that make sense with the rest of us please."

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It wasn't the only hack from his wife – her other items, he revealed, include a European extension cord so that they could all charge their devices at the same time.

He also revealed she always packed an outdoor hanger for drying clothes and a speaker which attaches to the wall of the shower.

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