Man slammed by wife for booking surprise holiday without their baby but people are divided | The Sun

A HUSBAND has asked if he was in the wrong for booking a surprise holiday for his wife, which meant leaving his young baby at home.

The 30-year-old man explained that he wanted to book the surprise trip for his partner since they hadn't been away since Covid.

He wrote on Reddit: "We've had precious little time to ourselves as our families are super scared of the virus, won't go out of their house or let anyone in, or are super lax and won't wear facemasks around the baby. Both big issues when trying to leave him for a date night.

"I found a super deal on an international flight for a week away in Jan, the baby will be 13 months old and both families have agreed to stick to our standards of care."

However, he said his wife was left upset that he "didn't include the baby in the plans" and that they should take their child with them.

He finished by saying: "I feel we need a break to reconnect and relax and that won't be possible if we take him."

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He asked if he was in the wrong for saying this, and people could see both sides on the Reddit post.

One person wrote: "Your intentions were good, but booking a vacation is something you should both decide and discuss, especially with a child in the picture."

Another person agreed, saying he was in the wrong for "not discussing and planning this huge step in advance".

However, others understood where he was coming from.

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Someone wrote: "You are not an a****** for trying to make something fun for yourself and your wife."

A second added: "Nah she’s upset that you didn’t talk to her about it but I completely get it you need time away from the baby."

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