Mum offers passenger £500 to accompany her on 23-hour flight – but there’s a BIG catch

A MUM has offered a passenger £500 to accompany her on a 23-hour flight – but there's a BIG catch.

The desperate mum-of-three needs help taking care of her four-year-old, two-year-old and two-month-old on their Malaysian Airlines flight from London to Sydney on June 12.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the savvy mum listed her requirements.

She wrote: "Type of things you might be helping with: holding the baby so I can help the older girls, helping the four-year-old and two-year-old with their meals, keeping four-year-old and two-year-old entertained – puzzles, books, get their TVs and headphones sorted etc.

"Also maybe have the baby in the baby carrier for a nap so I can help the older girls/give them attention."

The soon-to-be traveller is hoping to pass over the cash – which amounts to a wage of £21 an hour – to someone who already had a ticked on the flight.


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"Whenever the older girls are asleep you wouldn’t need to do anything and even when they’re awake I am happy for them to watch as much TV as they like," she wrote.

"So all you might need to do then is make sure headphones don’t fall off, put on next movie etc. I will also do as much as I can, but I’ll have the baby to look after as well."

The mum said her older girls had already been on a long-haul flight to the UK in November and were "pretty well behaved and slept".

The four-year-old slept 10 hours and the two-year-old slept for eight, she said.

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“But now I have one extra child and won’t have my husband with me.

"Let me know if you are interested or know anyone who would be."

It didn't take long for others to spot the ad.

"I would love this job! Wish I was going to England – hope you can find someone," one person write.

"Can’t help sorry but good luck," another said.

"You’ll probably find people on the flight will help, even staff," suggested a third.

"If you don’t find anyone have $1000 cash ready to go in your pocket when you get to the airport check-in and seeing if you can I find someone on the same flight," a fourth suggested.

"Call Malaysia Airline and see if they offer help I’m sure they do."

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