NHS workers set to get a free holiday stay in Ibiza to 'say thank you'

If anyone deserves a proper holiday once the coronavirus pandemic is all over, it’s NHS workers.

The people tasked with saving lives and tackling the overwhelming horror of Covid-19 are being thanked for all they’ve done with the offer a free holiday stay in Ibiza next year.

The island’s government is backing an initiative launched by a group of Ibiza-based business owners, that offers all NHS staff free holiday accommodation as a way to say ‘thank you’.

A website for the scheme says that the aim is to find ‘at least 1,000’ accommodation providers in Europe to provide free stays for healthcare staff in 2021.

A statement on the site reads: ‘How can we say thank you to those fighting for the lives of our families, friends and communities? How can we say thank you to those putting their own lives at risk for us?

‘Together we are driving change by celebrating and rewarding those who put our community, family and friends first during the Covid-19 outbreak.

‘Unprecedented times highlight exceptional people. We thank those who we have trusted with our lives, by gifting them our homes and hotels in Ibiza and across Europe.’

The Ibizan government has agreed to back the scheme, with tourism councillor for Ibiza Juan Miguel Costa telling local paper Diario de Ibiza that they aim to ‘compensate those who have looked after us, risking their lives in many cases, and who deserve that we all do our share to make sure they have holidays that meet high expectations’.

60 private properties, as well as rooms in major hotel chains, have already been offered up as one week’s free accommodation in April, May, and October 2021 – outside Ibiza’s peak season.

Some of the hotels that have already offered up rooms include Aguas de Ibiza, OD Hotels, and Concept Hotel Group, whereas private houses on offer include fancy villas with pools and access to the beach.

As there are more healthcare workers than there are available rooms, the scheme plans to work with hospitals to create a fair nomination and selection process, to ensure that those on the Covid-19 frontline are thanked properly.

As we will have more demand for holidays than supply of donated accommodation, the initiative is currently working with the healthcare community and some of the most reputable hospitals in Europe to define a fair and transparent nomination and selection process to reward those fighting on the COVID-19 frontline and assign a holiday to them.

It’s worth noting that this offer covers accommodation, not the initial travel from the UK to Ibiza.

Let’s see if an airline steps up to offer free flights for healthcare workers too.

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