Passenger grossed out by woman's VERY rude behaviour during flight – but people are divided | The Sun

A WOMAN was left grossed out after a fellow passenger's behaviour during a flight – but has split opinion.

The woman posted a picture of another traveller's hair poking through the gap of her seat during a flight.

She wrote on Reddit: "On my husband’s lap the whole flight on Spirit Air."

The very long curly hair was sticking through the middle of the thre seats in front of them, and was drapped on her husband's lap.

Hundreds of people commented on the post on Reddit.

Lots of people offered their own ways they would have dealt with it.

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One person said: "I would have spilled soooo many drinks on this woman's hair."

Another said: "Just keep pulling her hair. When she turns around pretend you didnt do anything just like she’s doing. Unless she likes pain or wants to go bald, she’ll move her hair"

Someone asked: "Do they not have flight attendants on the plane who could have told her to put ALL of her body within her seat area?"

However, lots of people said he should have just spoken to the woman.

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One person said: "And you didn't ask them to move it why?"

A second agreed: "What's are people's problems with politely asking to move your f****** hair."

It's sadly not the first time a passenger has been slammed for something similar.

Last month, a passenger was shamed after draping her hair over a fellow traveller's tray table.

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Pre-pandemic, travellers were left horrified after a woman removed her wig – and combed it over the tray table.

While on another flight, a passenger was left disgusted to find that used hair extensions had been left in their seat pocket on a flight.

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