Passenger reveals how to keep the plane seat empty next to you – and people think it's creepy | The Sun

A MAN has revealed his unique method for keeping the seats next to him empty on flights – with people calling it "creepy".

In a video on TikTok, user Mike Davis showed how he makes sure that no one sits next to him after boarding a plane, by enthusiastically inviting them to join him in his row.

Mike's video quickly went viral after it was shared earlier this week and has already racked up 2.4million views and 184,000 likes.

The footage shows him sitting wide-eyed in his seat, patting the empty chair to his right, suggesting the strangers boarding the flight sit next to him.

None of them take him up on his offer, instead passing by and walking further down the aircraft.

The tactic is one that would definitely be more successful on US flights, where fewer airlines assign seats before take off unlike in the UK.

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However, it may not have the desired effect on all passengers.

One other user was very quick to point out that Mike's age and gender may also have something to do with the success of his technique.

She wrote: "As a young female, this would backfire FAST."

Another suggested that he could run the risk of someone thinking they had made a new friend for the flight.

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They commented: "Or you’ll get the most extroverted person alive and talk the entire flight!"

But most people admitted the tactic would very likely work on them, due to how creepy it is.

One said: "I have never been more creeped out in my life! very effective."

Another simply said: Oh God, automatic NO!"

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