The clever 'one shoe trick' that will stop you forgetting things on holiday – and it's flight attendant approved | The Sun

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the clever shoe hack that means you will never leave anything behind on holiday

Esther Sturrus works as a flight attendant Dutch airline KLM.

She often shares videos on her TikTok account about her travels as well as her tips and tricks as a frequent traveller.

One of her most recent videos was some of her tricks when staying at a hotel, including clipping the curtains together to using the shower cap for her shoes.

But one of the popular hacks showed her putting her heeled shoe in the room safe.

The trick means you won't forget about all the other important things in your safe such as gadgets, jewellery or money.

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She wrote in the video: "Worries about forgetting something from your locker?

"Put your heel/shoe in it and you won't forget it."

Lots of people loved her hack, with one person saying: "Heel shoe hack great idea."

Esther isn't the first person who has tried this.

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Travel show host Samantha Brown said on Instagram: "When I stay at a hotel, I do use the hotel safe.

"I put my passport in there, my travel wallet with all my credit cards…and my laptop.

"And then, the most important thing I put in the hotel safe is one travel shoe.

"Believe me, you will check out of the hotel, you will go to the airport and you will forget your passport, your wallet, all of your credit cards, money, your laptop, but you will not forget to put on your travel shoes."

Not everyone swears by the hotel safe however – with others revealing that they might not be as secure as we think.

Safe experts have revealed how simple codes can be used to get into them – one lock-picker showed him using the code 999999, which resets it and opens it.

Another traveller said he called the hotel reception to get into his safe, and was told to use the code 000000.

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