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NEXT time you're whipping your phone out for a selfie on holiday, you may want to check you aren't breaking the rules.

A number of holiday hotspots ban people from taking selfies – and it could see you fined.

Photography experts at have revealed the seven places where selfies are strictly forbidden.

1. New York zoos

Taking pictures with any big cats at zoos, carnivals and circuses across New York is banned.

It was introduced in 2014 due to a rise in "tiger selfies" and anyone caught will be fined up to $1,000.

Linda Rosenthal, who sponsored the bill said was to stop animals from being exploited.

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2. Jewel House, Tower of London

Inside the Tower of London is the Jewel House.

Don't try to take a selfie – its forbidden for being a security risk and there are both guards and CCTV cameras keeping watch.

3. Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona is well known for being the destination of the Running of the Bulls.

But anyone caught taking selfies with the bulls will be fined €3,000, due to the danger.

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4. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The famous museum in Amsterdam has banned selfies – along with all photography.

The museum said that taking photographs detracts from enjoying the art.

5. Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

The Sistine Chapel has banned selfies and all photography.

This dates back to 1980 after a renovation funded by Japan's Nippon Television Network came on the condition of exclusive photo rights inside.

6. Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, it is banned to take pictures on the pilgrimage to Mecca.

This is due to it being seen as disrespectful as it is a holy journey and an act of worship.

7. Lake Tahoe, California

Tourists in Lake Tahoe are banned from taking selfies due to the wild animals.

Local authorities introduced the ban due to fears people would get too close to bears in the area to take a selfie.

Lots of places have banned selfie sticks too, including Wimbledon in the UK and all the Disney theme parks.

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