The rudest places in the world from Climax City to Intercourse Village – The Sun

YOU might think that places like Climax City and Intercourse Village are made up names for Reddit.

But incredibly, people can and do actually go there.

Some are very well known, like Intercourse in Pennsylvania, USA.

Others are a bit more obscure.

And they are not just small towns in the middle of nowhere either – some are right here in the UK.

For example, there's Cockermouth, Cumbria, where village residents regularly hear jokes about sausage fests.

Just earlier this year, two brothers from Scotland decided to ride around Britain to track down the rudest places around the country.

Their journey took them 2,000 miles around the country, to places like Sandyballs and The Knob.

And in Australian, tourists visiting Booti Booti national park are even posing with their bare bums on show.

They are far from the first though.

A few years ago, someone created a map that lists and pin points 280 rude places around the world

On it, you can track down the location of Muff Creek and New Erection, among others.

While it might be a bit of a cheeky tourist attraction for visitors, the rude names are far from funny.

In fact, some say that their house prices are as much as £60,000 less than the market price because of these names.

It's no surprise that some have petitioned for their street names to be changed to something a bit more family friendly.

However, some Brits love those rude names would even pay more to live on those lewd streets.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed some of the hilarious hotel names from around the world.

Last year, a travel company's holiday ad turned out to be incredibly rude because of an optical illusion.

But it's far from alone in being the butt of the joke.

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