The 'steepest rollercoaster' in the world to open next year – but it's only for the brave

THE "steepest dive rollercoaster" in the world is opening next year – but you will need a strong stomach to ride it.

The Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger rollercoaster has a number of drops of 90 degrees or over, meaning you experience free-falling while strapped in.

The three-train ride, each carrying 21 riders, will lift passengers to 150ft in the air, before dropping them on a 95 degree angle at 60mph.

There is also a 270 degree zero-g roll and a 75ft near-vertical drop along the way, as it speeds across 2,501ft of track.

The website sets the scene for the ride, writing: "Dr. Diabolical proclaims to have an elixir from the fountain of youth that is capable of preserving life.

"She lures unsuspecting visitors to partake, but little do they know that she is using them to fulfill her evil plan to frighten the world with her menacing creatures."

The ride is to open at Six Flags Fiesta in Texas next year to celebrate the park's 30th anniversary.

Brits will have to wait a bit before they can visit, however.

The US borders remain closed to the UK, and have been shut since March 2020 due to Covid.

The Texan theme park has other thrilling rides, including the Daredevil Dive Flying Machines which is so extreme it is said to make you feel like a stunt pilot.

A Six Flags in New Orleans is no longer welcoming guests – it was abandoned 16 years ago after it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

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