Which countries could be added to the red and green list in the traffic light review this week?

MORE countries are expected to be added to the green and red lists in this week's travel announcement.

Experts have predicted which destinations could see last-minute changes – potentially putting holidays abroad at risk.

The last travel announcement saw seven countries – Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Norway and Romania – added to the green list.

Yet Covid and data expert Tim White warned that Croatia, Madeira and Israel could all be removed from the green list and put onto the amber list instead.

Sharing his predictions on Twitter, he wrote: "Madeira is likely to be downgraded to [amber], bringing it in line with mainland Portugal after a significant rise in Covid19 cases on the Atlantic island."

Thee is some good news, with most holiday hotspots including Spain, Portugal, Greece and France expected to stay on the amber list.

PC Agency's Paul Charles wrote: "I’ve had many followers asking about Spain – do not worry. It won’t be going red at the next review.

"Rates on every level are falling quite sharply, and the vaccination rollout is going strongly, with over 65 per cent of the population fully-jabbed."

The biggest change for the red list this week is expected to be Turkey, which is predicted to come off and be added to the amber list.

Mr White said the Maldives could be downgraded to amber too: "And for tourists with expensive tastes, Maldives looks a great bet to get a deserved [amber] rating, esp with all bars/restaurants outside."

There are also predictions for which amber destinations could go from amber to red.

Mr White warned that it was "difficult" to justify Jamaica staying on the amber list, adding: "Jamaica‘s positive test rate today is 32.4 per cent. Yesterday it was even higher at 49 per cent, but always higher on Sundays with reduced levels of testing.

Mr Charles also said that St Lucia could go from amber to red as well, due to a jump in cases.

The last amber update saw the controversial "amber-plus" list scrapped, putting France back onto the normal amber list, while the UAE was added to the amber list as well.

The last travel announcement also saw Mexico added to the red list, along with Georgia, the French islands of La Reunion and Mayotte.

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