Woman kicked off plane after arguing with cabin crew BEFORE flight – who then recognise her

A WOMAN was kicked off a plane by a disgruntled flight attendant after they had an argument in the airport before boarding.

The woman was removed from the plane and forced to reschedule her flight.

In a post that has gone viral on Reddit, a woman explained she was queuing to get a drink at a Starbucks in an airport in Denver, when she saw a lady being rude to the barista.

Using the handle u/Dry_Investigator5020, she said: "I was in-line at Starbucks waiting for my drink and saw a lady getting all antsy because she had to get to her flight and didn't have her drink.

"She started asking the barista if she could speed things up, because her flight left in two minutes.

"She kept saying: 'Two minutes, I need to board in two minutes'. The barista replied: 'yeah, everyone needs to get a flight.'

"Antsy Lady did not like this response and started calling the barista rude. The barista was the only one making drinks. She was slammed and honestly crushing it.

"Big surprise, Antsy Lady pulled (what I assume) the manager aside and started complaining about the barista. Other customers took notice and loudly thanked the barista.

"I took it one step further and told Antsy Lady that she was was a 'd*** head and the rude one'. I added that the barista was working her a** off and doing her best."

The woman thought that was the end of it – until she boarded her flight.

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She continued: "Turns out, Antsy Lady was a flight attendant and immediately called out 'ma'am' once I boarded.

"She told me she feels 'uncomfortable with me on the flight and I needed to wait outside the plane'.

"Someone else came and took me to a ticket desk to reschedule my flight and thankfully I got one in three hours (with a lay-over now instead of direct)."

The post has been viewed nearly 14,000 times and received nearly 900 comments, with people stunned to hear the woman was kicked off her flight.

One person commented: "Is no one gonna address the fact that you've got to be thick as s*** to even consider getting coffee anywhere near the 'two minutes left' mark for a flight?

"How did she not know that was a p*ss poor idea and that it was entirely on her."

Someone else wrote: "She abused her power. She knew she was an a** and didn't want you to be an a** on the flight and possibly treat her the same way she treated the barista at Starbucks."

A third else wrote: "I would have said 'thank you for giving me a different flight because I don't feel comfortable with that rude flight attendant'."

The woman said she has contacted the airline to complain.

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