Woman reveals how to fall asleep comfortably on planes

Flying can be very disruptive to a peaceful night of sleep.

With time differences, screaming babies, uncomfortable seats, and a desperate desire not to fall asleep with your head on the stranger next to you all contributing to a stressful experience.

As most of us can’t afford the luxury beds of first class, we take our seats in economy, knackered from the 3am wake-up and the trek through the airport, only to find that sleep will elude us once more on the plane.

Now, however, a TikTok star has revealed her ‘life hack’ for sleeping comfortably on planes.

@hellokristen posted a video to the app, saying that her last flight inspired the ‘best idea of [her] life’ which will allow you to sleep comfortably on a plane.

Kristen said in the video: ‘I have purchased like five different neck pillows and they all sucked. I wish there was something would just hold my neck in place, kind of like a neck brace, so then I had an epiphany: why don’t I just buy a neck brace?’

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Kristen then presented her brand-new neck brace, which was purchased from the U.S. department store Walmart, for $7 USD (£5.09). She explained that there were a variety of different sizes and colours available to suit each individual person.

‘If I am travelling for more than eight hours, I do not care how I look. It’s all about comfort,’ she said.

Kristen added: ‘To be honest, if you get the dark colour, it doesn’t look that ridiculous and you can wear a big sweater or a big scarf to cover it.’

She demonstrated putting on the neck brace, and said, ‘When you lay back, your neck is not going anywhere.’

The neck brace was in fact called a ‘foam cervical collar’ but there are many types out there from a variety of retailers, so we won’t need to suffer the flight first to get to Walmart. The video received over 14,000 likes and 200 comments, with other users praising her for the idea.

One person commented, ‘Best idea ever! Avid traveller here and it’s a great idea, exactly what I want in comfort.’

Another said, ‘This is genius.’

Others said that a neck brace wasn’t necessary as you could turn your neck pillow around so the opening was at the back, but some people disputed this and explained it wouldn’t be comfortable for people with longer necks or heavy heads.

So, before you book your next trip to Marbella, make sure to invest in a neck brace.

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