Would you stay in the UK’s cheapest Airbnb? The one person TENT costs just £8 a night but the ‘special loo’ is not for the faint of heart – The Sun

THE cheapest AirBnB in the UK costs just £8 a night – but you'll be sleeping in a one person tent in a back garden.

With an additional £1 service charge, it comes with a sleeping bag, air bed and plug socket.

Airbnb host Desiré Cyprien, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, has also thrown in a water bottle and a flask for tea or coffee for guests.

Next door to the dark green structure is a special loo tent, featuring a "cat litter-style toilet" with loo bags that guests are asked to tie up and leave next to the back door.

The description says: "Sleep al fresco in the privacy of a backyard, suited to the adventurous solo to experience Sheerness under the stars, near the beach!"

The cheap rental is next to a ground floor flat, which is vacant, and it is just metres away from the beach.

There is also a leisure centre nearby for showers, which costs £2.

There has only been one guest so far, but Constance gave the tent five stars.

She said: "This is a special kind of tent, it is a comfortable bed, I really liked it.

"I swam in the sea in the morning with two lifeguards all to myself in high winds.

"There’s a pool up the road if you need showers."

Desiré, who has a degree in spa management, currently runs five listings in Sheppey.

One of her other listings is as an airbed in the back of her car.

She said: "My partner was clearing up the weed on the ground, which revealed this decent sized, unused space.

"I’ve always had the idea of listing a tent, seeing this space just made me go for it.

"Also it would compliment Sapphire’s Sheppey Caravan which is also on site, to potentially accommodate a third guest who truly wants to experience Sheppey under the stars."

She added: "It’s is a new listing and I have had one guest so far.

"She was a lovely lady from London who left me a kind review, visiting Kent on holiday."

The only other listings on AirBnB which cost a similar price to Desiré's tent are campsites where users have to bring their own tents.

It is a far cry from the glamorous 16-person pink mansion in the US, which costs £55 per night.

A British traveller was stunned to find her New York Airbnb was just a roll mat underneath the stairs – yet cost £30 a night.

Despite the sparse lodgings, she said she slept fairly well and decided to stay there.

Another Brit found his £100-a-night Airbnb room in Amsterdam was actually a shipping container on the side of the road.

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