You can now stay in a floating ‘Arctic bath’ hotel with stunning views of the Northern Lights – The Sun

YOU can now stay in a floating hotel with stunning views of the Northern Lights.

The gorgeous property, which looks like a bird's nest from above and is known as Arctic Bath, is currently floating on the River Lule in Sweden.

It features a circular "Arctic bath" in the middle where hardy guests can take a plunge in its freezing waters.

There's also a spa, sauna and restaurant allowing guests to immerse themselves in the elements while also enjoying a touch of luxury.

The extraordinary hotel was designed by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi to resemble a bird's nest.

Both floating and land cabins surround the main building, each designed with a "high level of comfort and luxury in mind."

On water, the cabins contain 24sqm floating double rooms, connected to the shore by a walkway.

The 57.5 sqm wooden deck outside the cabin offers a perfect place for meditation, sunbathing in summer or for a place to spot the Northern Lights.

On the shore, the 62sqm land cabins can fit five people inside. They are elevated on poles so you get a better view and they're also connected to the main pod by walkways.

For couples, there's a 62sqm suite for two people featuring a spiral staircase leading to a loft, as well as an 8sqm deck for meditation.

The unique hotel was first announced in 2018 and due to its location, guests will see Northern Lights in winter, and the midnight sun during the summer months.

It also prides itself on leaving "a minimal environmental footprint behind."

Arctic Bath was first conceived in 2010 during the opening of Treehotel, another property by the same developers, whose first vision was a glass cube sauna on a raft.

Bertil Hagström, who designed the Treehotel's bird's nest, took over the idea and in 2013, he and Johan Kauppi designed Arctic Bath's floating, circular building.

The year-round hotel has now opened its doors and alternates between frozen and floating depending on the season.

But the arctic experience doesn't come cheap with rooms starting from over £700 ($915) a night.

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