You can rent an entire pub with your mates for the night which includes a fully stocked ‘honesty bar’ and three bedrooms

YOU can now rent an entire pub for you and your mates which includes a fully stocked "honesty bar".

There are also three bedrooms along with a kitchen and living area to crash in when done for the night.

Nigel Askew, 60, who owns the Queen Charlotte pub in Ramsgate, decided to convert it into a holiday home during lockdown.

While the pub is currently closed, visitors get free reign of the space – with an honesty bar deal meaning the bar itself is unattended.

Guests are free to bring their pals round but a visiting bartender will join the fun to keep an eye on things.

The unusual set-up includes the fully-stocked pub, and a townhouse attached for guests to stay after a night of boozing.

Upstairs, the pad is kitted out with a full kitchen, bathroom, three bedrooms and a living area which was previously used for pop-up dining and art exhibitions.

Nigel, who has owned the pub for more than 12 years, told Jam Press: “It’s a question of survival – this way, I can keep the pub for the community.

“I came up with the idea as I was trying to think of ways to adapt in Covid times as just pub money on a half-full pub wouldn’t save the small local."

He said the holiday home has proved popular "especially with women," adding: "It seems the idea of having drinks in a pub with select guests – or no men at all – appeals.

“I had a lot of groups of women book – they seem to like the fact they can let themselves go and not be bothered by men."

He said even celebrities have stayed there, as they can visit without beingbothered, and said that while he wouldn't say who they were, were music-oriented.

He continued: "It was booked all summer and now most weekends. So far I’ve not tried the quiet periods, but so far so good.

“Usual rules apply, of course, so no noisy all-night lock-ins and I only live a couple of doors away, so I know what's going on.”

Prices start at £300 for anyone interested in living out their pub landlord or landlady fantasy.

Previous guests gushed about their stays, recommending the unique abode.

One person said: “This is a wonderful place to stay -it's a real hidden gem. Getting to have the quirky pub space to yourself is such a great rest. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a unique Airbnb.”

Another person added: “One of my favourite Airbnb experiences. Really unique set up, perfect for friends hosting a weekend away. We all loved it and are planning our next trip back."

Someone else said: “We loved having the pub to ourselves and pouring our own drinks – we’ll be back."

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