You could get a free all-inclusive holiday to Spain for your entire family – as long as you don't mind being filmed for a new TV series

A TV channel is looking to send Brits on a free all-inclusive trip to Spain this summer for a ten-day holiday in the sun.

The only catch? You'll need to be filmed for a new TV show.

Channel 5 are asking for holiday-seekers to sign up for a currently unnamed TV series about all-inclusive holidays.

Anyone can apply, even if they have been on all-inclusive before, or if it is there first one.

The advert says: "Title Role Production are looking for fun-loving holidaymakers to take part in a new channel 5 series about all-inclusive holidays.

"So if you're a die-hard fan with the best tips and tricks, an all-inclusive virgin new to the game, or a have-a-go group desperate to try one, pack your suitcase and get in touch now!"

To be eligible, you must be happy to be filmed for the TV show, as well as have a valid passport and be able to fly to Spain.

The holidays will range between five and ten days, and take place over the summer holidays between July 15 and August 16.

Friends and family can apply by filling in an online form or e-mailing [email protected]

While it isn't clear what the programme will be about, many Brits know will know of the the successful Benidorm TV series which ran for 11 years until last year.

All-inclusive holidays are popular with Brits wanting a cheap holiday without the stress of budgeting.

We reveal some of the best beach holidays on all-inclusive packages this summer, from Costa Brava to Corfu.

All-inclusive holidays also offer great options for families and friends who are fussy eaters, with many different restaurants and buffet menus often included.

However, some travellers may prefer a basic deal so they can have more freedom in their dining options.

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