You could save hundreds by going on holiday in May instead of August with your pre-school kids – The Sun

IF you’re a parent but not yet limited by school holidays, getting away before term finishes can knock more than a quarter off the bill.

The average saving for a family going on holiday in May vs August is 27 per cent, – and we've rounded up some of the best deals you can find for you and your kids.

According to TravelSupermarket, the average price of a holiday for four costs £1,921.

This drops to just £1,511 in May, a saving of over £400 for the entire family.

Even June is much cheaper than August by 25 per cent, meaning you can grab a bargain by travelling just a few months before.

There are many other good reasons to go on holiday earlier in the year.

Emma Grimster, a spokesperson for TravelSupermarket said:"It is well worth making the most of the years before family holidays are restricted to school holidays or risk fines."

She also said travelling earlier means much milder temperatures, which is better for kids and younger travellers.

She added: "Beaches and attractions also tend to be less crowded before resorts really fill up in late July and August."

There are some great deals on TravelSuperMarket, with each holiday including seven nights at a hotel or apartment and return flights.


A holiday to Majorca at a four star hotel costs £229 per person, or going on holiday in June will cost £217 per person.

Benidorm is just as cheap – with a week-long holiday from £213 per person.


Want to go a bit further afield? Turkey holidays start from £208 per person at a four star hotel, if travelling in May.

You can head to Izmur for just £220 per person if travelling the following month.


Greece is a great family holiday destination with prices from just £220 per person in June.

Or head to Rhodes for a week long break for just £214 per person.


Head to the Algarve for just £239 per person if travelling in June.

Stay at a four-star resort when going on holiday in May for just £237 per person.

If you want to go on holiday slightly earlier, we've rounded up the hottest destinations in April and the cheap travel deals you can find.

British Airways has also launched a flight sale, with cheap deals to New York.

Looking for the best-value holiday? Bulgaria is the cheapest for 2020, according to a study.

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